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Are you under 25?
Help us support nature and nature will support you

Looking after our mental health and wellbeing is important for us all and there are lots of things that we can do to support this by connecting to nature.

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The Nature Alliance brings together five incredible local organisations that specialise in nature based activities

Lindengate, Road Farm Countryways, Chiltern Rangers, Chiltern Society, Berks, Bucks and Oxon Wildlife Trust (BBOWT), give you the opportunity to get involved in projects that include wildlife conservation, animal care, forestry, gardening, outdoor survival, cooking and heritage skills, walking and cycling groups and much more.

Young people volunteer to clean a river and make it safe for birds and fish. This is an exciting nature based activity and a great way to connect with the environment.
Young people under 25 socialising, making friends and cooking food after a day’s conservation work and other nature based activities

What to expect...
whatever the weather

Activities will be running across the whole of Buckinghamshire throughout the year covering a huge range of exciting projects to support protecting and maintaining our beautiful natural environment.

You can really have a positive impact on the bigger picture and at the same time, your own life.

Don’t be put off if you think you might need some help of any kind to join in. Making it possible for everyone to access these opportunities is important to us.

Click on the logos of The Nature Alliance partners above and below, to find out what activities are happening near you.

Your chance to make a difference to the environment around you

This is your future we are talking about and the more we do to work alongside nature to protect existing habitats and rebuild new ones the richer your future will be. By helping nature, you will be helping yourself secure a healthier and happier future.

Young people under 25 experiencing animal care and farming activities in Buckinghamshire and learning how to support our environment and get valuable work experience

What is on the menu for nature based activities?

You can sign up as a volunteer or we have projects that give more support for improving your health and wellbeing.

  • Wildlife Conservation
  • Woodland and tree management
  • Animal care
  • Sowing growing and cooking
  • Bushcrafts including den/shelter building, fire lighting, outdoor survival skills
  • Social and cooking groups
  • Self-led walking and cycling
  • River projects and improving quality for wildlife
  • Heritage skills, hedge laying, scything
  • Habitat development and management
  • Woodworking skills
  • Heritage crafts

We need you Why not consider becoming an ambassador for The Nature Alliance?

As an ambassador your role will be to champion the work of The Nature Alliance throughout Buckinghamshire to allow more young people to realise the opportunities open to them and to benefit from our unique nature based activities to improve wellbeing and build new opportunities and relationships.

Many volunteering opportunities throughout Buckinghamshire to develop new skills many of which are heritage crafts

Latest Information

Chiltern Society Event

Adventure Planning Event for 16-24 year olds. Register Today!

The Nature Alliance invites young people of Buckinghamshire to a morning of adventure planning on Sat 23rd October.

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The Nature Alliance Press Release

Job Vacancy: P/T Project Manager

We are actively seeking a part time Project Manager, for more details click here.

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Job Vacancy Chairperson

The Nature Alliance, Press Release

The Nature Alliance is a major new project funded by The Rothschild Foundation to support young people build and maintain resilience in their well-being.

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