That all young people under 25, have access to nature based activities enabling them to nurture their wellbeing, connect to their peer groups and protect and respect their environment.


The Nature Alliance will add value and get behind initiatives that:

  • provide easy routes to ‘green care’ and ‘nature-based health promotion’ activities to help young people to find new ways to improve their wellbeing, whilst also giving them the opportunity to have a considerable impact on the wellbeing of their natural environment by engaging in volunteering and other activities.
  • work with the statutory provision for mental health to create a sustainable model for funded referrals into the Nature Alliance with a view to rolling it out to the wider demographic
  • streamline the green care referral processes to better interface with statutory provision to ensure it is accessible to those that need it
  • standardise evaluation processes throughout the partners of the Alliance so that collective impact can be measured and reported effectively
  • provide training tools to actively engage with referrers to ensure that they are fully aware of what is on offer, who can benefit and how it supports recovery and maintenance of wellbeing
  • publicise our services effectively as a cohesive and collaborative partnership, so that green social prescribing becomes embedded in the Buckinghamshire statutory mental health provision
  • with prevention in mind, open up opportunities for volunteering for people of all ages to engage with and support the preservation and development of nature-rich green spaces within the Buckinghamshire area

Steering Group – Purpose

  • demonstrate effective collaborative and transparent leadership
  • be accountable to the Alliance
  • develop a plan of work
  • manage the finances of the Alliance effectively and transparently, and make decisions relating to the allocation of funds
  • steer the strategic direction of the Alliance
  • bring relevant charities, social enterprises and community organisations to the table as key partners
  • identify and agree priorities
  • review outcomes and assess impact
  • promote and develop partnership working

Steering Group – Meetings

  • there will be a minimum of four Steering Group meetings per year
  • a quorum for meetings is half of the total Steering Group membership, including the Chair or Vice Chair
  • decisions are taken by consensus; if required, decisions are made by simple majority
  • observers can attend meetings with the agreement of the Chair

Steering Group – Role of Members

  • to work collaboratively and with transparency
  • to act as champions for the Alliance
  • to build beneficial relationships
  • to identify opportunities, resources and challenges
  • to take action
  • to represent and promote the wider interests of the Alliance at county / regional level
  • those attending meetings will be required to work for the public benefit and to declare and manage any conflicts of interest.

Steering Group – Responsibility for Data Sharing and GDPR

  • information will be shared in accordance with GDPR
  • any issues arising from the subject of data protection will be referred to the Chair

Steering Group – Membership

  • representatives will be sufficiently senior to represent their organisation’s views, to contribute to decisions, to make commitments, and to secure engagement of their organisation as appropriate
  • they will be sufficiently senior to influence and guide their organisation’s actions to support the Alliance’s objectives
  • the Chair will be selected by the Steering Group. Tenure will normally be for one year
  • a Vice Chair will be selected on the same principles, also with a one-year tenure
  • the Chair and Vice Chair will not change at the same time – i.e. their start dates will be staggered – to facilitate effective handover and continuity

Representation will be taken from the:

  • Young People – 18 to 24 age group
  • Local Community
  • Care sector
  • NHS sector
  • Mental Health Services
  • Buckinghamshire – based charities (countywide)
  • National organisations
  • County Council
  • Local Parish

Further representation can be added at the discretion of the Steering Group

  • this could be a time-limited group as it is possible that it will need to be replaced by an official charitable structure in due course

Steering Group – Criteria for Membership

  • all partner organisations are selected on the basis of their being able to contribute directly to delivery of the Nature Alliance’s vision and objectives

Group members should:

  • make things happen and take action
  • make positive proposals (when ideas are needed)
  • ask questions (if information is needed)
  • offer alternatives (to create agreement)
  • build on proposals (to cement group vision)
  • test ideas (not reject them out of hand)
  • explain opposition (not just flat rejection)
  • help others (to cement solidarity)

Working groups

  • the Steering Group can when necessary create time-limited working groups in order to research and identify key challenges as well as approaches to tackling these issues
  • working groups will be accountable to the Steering Group

Terms of Reference to be reviewed every 12 months

Signature of Chair

(Charlie Powell Co-Founder and General Manager of Lindengate)

Date: June 2021
Date of next review: September 2021